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August 15, 2003

"The important thing to recognize is that it takes a team, and the team ought to get credit for the wins and the losses.  Successes have many fathers, failures have none."
--  Philip Caldwell
One of the most powerful strategies for multiplying the effects of your team is to include a diversity of personalities, backgrounds, ages, and fresh opinions.  The next time you are choosing an award winning team, consider including these ten people. 

1.     The Rookie
The person new to your company has not been processed to see things the way your company has seen them for years.  A fresh perspective may be just what your company needs to move a good idea to a fantastic new product or service.

2.     The Right Brain Dominant Person
A person who is right brain dominant will bring creativity, big-picture thinking, and subjectivity to the table.

3.     The Left Brain Dominant Person
A person who is left brain dominant will bring strategic thinking, a linear approach, and objectivity to the table.

4.     The Retired Adult
 The retired adult has the benefit of wisdom and the long view. 

5.     The 6-Year Old
Kids are totally engaged in the present moment, are incredibly persistent, are filled with wonder and excitement, and are not concerned about what others think of them.  A child will add to your team the discipline of playfulness, inquisitiveness, and amazing energy.

6.     The Team Player
The team player will find a way to overcome differences among team members and will build consensus in the group.

7.     The Philanthropist
Philanthropists are proven and trusted servants.  They usually place a high priority on meeting the needs of others, and can teach you how to meet your followers where they are . . . not where you are.  The philanthropist knows six of the most magical words for success:  "What can I do for you?"

8.     The Wild Card
The wild card is the person on your team who will push the edges of the conversation, stretching the envelope to challenge your team to look to the absurd and move beyond the norm.

9.     The Devil's Advocate
The devil's advocate can evaluate potential future problems and will poke holes in risky opportunities.  The devil's advocate will exercise a "checks and balances" process when your team is facing a tough decision.

10.    The Spiritual Leader
The Spiritual Leader will provide a gift of insight, compassion, and support when the heat is on.  The Spiritual Leader can move things forward by teaching life lessons and drawing out individual contributions and the soft skills of team members.

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I participated in a round table discussion last week and found that we had a number of the above "teammates" represented.  What a rich conversation it was, full of amazing new ideas!

Part of looking at your team and the players includes acknowledging what every person brings to the table.  This week:

1.     Let each person on your team know the value they bring, their skills and strengths. 

2.     Note the role that you are playing on the team.  You may be very different from others and there is clearly a place for those strengths and skills.  Include yourself in the acknowledgment.

 3.     Are there gaps in the team?  Who does your team need to add to be more diverse and be even more effective?

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