COACHING TIP OF THE WEEK for June 22, 2001

Top Achievers usually share common traits, said Dr. Doris Lee McCoy, who is the author of Mega Traits.

1. Successful people enjoy their work.
They have a sense of purpose and are having the time of their lives doing their work.

2. They have a positive attitude and plenty of confidence.
The successful never seem to doubt that they will achieve and when they do, it contributes even more strongly to their self-esteem.

3. They use negative experiences to discover their strengths.
For example, TV producer Norman Lear grew up with parents who were fighting a lot, but he learned to find humor in the situation and used it to develop All in the Family.

4. They are decisive, disciplined goal setters.
Most achievers have a clear idea what they want out of life and they take the shortest route to go after it.

5. They have integrity and help others succeed.
Karl Eller, a Chairman for Circle K Stores told McCoy, "With ,any deal, I've been careful that I was fair to the other side, so both parties were happy."

6. They are persistent.
Founder of McDonald's, Ray Kroc, was turned down eight times when he applied for a loan to start his chain, but he persisted and kept improving until he got the money.

7. They take risks.
Few people ever get to the top without sticking their necks out  - and when successful people make mistakes, they shrug them off and go on with their lives.

8. They have developed good communication and problem solving skills.
If they can't come up with an answer, they actively seek suggestions from others.

9. They surround themselves with competent, responsible and supportive people.
No matter how smart or creative a person might be, he must have others he can trust.

10.  They are healthy, have high energy levels and schedule time to renew themselves.
This revitalization is so important to them that successful people conscientiously schedule time slots for activities or rest that will help them feel energized again.

By Jan Freeman, BS-Business Administration; JD-Law, who can be visited on the web at The original source is: Dr. Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.d.

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How many of these key traits do you have?
Is there one in particular you'd like to develop or strengthen?
Imagine yourself using that trait.
What do you see?
How does it feel?
What's one action step you can take this week that will lead to the development of this trait?



"The impossible is often the untried."

  Jim Goodwin


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June 22, 2001
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