"Some people grin and bear it;
others smile and do it."
Everything you do reflects how you see the world -- whether implicit or explicit, consciously or unconsciously. Consider your vision.  Does it inspire you to do the things you must? Does it fill you with energy and get you out of bed in the morning?

Is your vision large enough? Will it provide you and yours with the life and lifestyle you want?  Will it help you.change the world even a little bit?

Does your vision still match your beliefs about your market? For instance, the dot-com vision of millions of eye-balls turning into billions of dollars may no longer be valid. Is your vision still valid?

I know you think your market has changed, but don't run your business on hearsay and gossip. What specifically is different? Are there more competitors or fewer? Have selling prices gone up or down? Are customers spending less or more? Are they taking more or less time to make decisions and place orders?

What has changed in your customer's business?  What new trends effect the way you can or should do business? What product or service requirements have changed?  Is there new technology you can and should apply?  What new business opportunities can you uncover?  What do your prospects need now that they didn't need before?

Is your market position still viable?  If it is, look for ways to strengthen it. If it isn't, what's wrong with it?

Is your target market shrinking? Are your perceived benefits no longer as valuable as they once were? Has your market advantage been eroded by hungry competitors? Have you become obsolete?

Scan the market and figure out what's what with your customer and prospect base, and what changes you need to make to capture more business.

Click scanquestions@lemberg.com to get a free list of 25 questions to ask about your market.  (Please include your name when you send your request.)

Results Goals produce an end; they are about what you will have. Goals like: five million in revenue in 2001, 15% profit on product X, 50 new customers in July, a 5% direct response rate, the new product released by December 15th, or 300 new associates recruited or 10 new members for your downline by year-end.

Action Goals are about what you will do. For instance, you'll contact 300 prospective accounts, or send out 50,000 mail pieces. You will write and send 2 press releases each month, or contact 20 possible strategic partners.

With Action Goals, you have total control over whether or not you do them, with Results Goals you may not have this same control circumstances intervene, stuff happens. I know this is a harsh thing to say, but it's the truth. The world doesn't always cooperate.

But you can control your actions; you CAN do what you say you are going to do. And if realizing your action goals doesn't give you the results you want, you can do more and different actions until you achieve your results.

Set new Results Goals that are consistent with your current vision and current market conditions and make sure you have a way to get them.

But first, answer the question: What exactly are you using your time for?  Will the things that fill your day help you realize your vision and your results goals?

If your goal is to increase your new account base by 20%, you must contact prospects, right? But if you are only speaking to existing customers that goal is never going to happen.  The results may be as good, but they will be different results.

Detail what you are doing each day check if your daily actions and your committed results are a match. Stop doing all the things which don't make a difference. Stop doing all the things you do because they used to make sense.

Stop doing all the things you do because you like them but that have no business purpose.  Stop doing all the things because someone else thinks you should. Only do what is likely to help you achieve your results goals.

With your vision, market scan and results goals in hand, write a list of twenty or more actions that will help produce your committed results.

Why not just jump into the first thing that comes to mind? Because it may be the same tired old stuff you've been doing all along, and may not get you anywhere. Shift your brain into gear, push out your thinking, stretch your mind a bit. You may come up with something radical.

Or perhaps you'll rediscover a program that once worked but for some reason you dropped. Or you'll hear an audio tape or read a great book that will be just the right trigger, and that million-dollar idea will fall into place.

Don't stop at 10, 15, or 17. Go for at least 20 ideas.

With that list of 20 in hand, set new action goals.  Don't set too many define a few critical action steps you can work on right away.  When those are accomplished you'll set new ones.  Only set goals you are seriously committed to accomplishing and ones which have a clear link to your results goals.

Put a measurement system in place for each action goal and each results goal.  You can use fancy software for this, or you can use something simple like the United Way thermometer in front of Town Hall.  Or just write on a piece of graph paper.

However you do it, measure your accomplishments against your goals regularly at least weekly.  If you find yourself falling short, question what else you can do more or differently to make your numbers. That's it.  The timeless steps: Vision, Market Scan, Results Goals, Action Goals, Action Steps and Measure. Do these things and you are taking Right Action.

Whether your market conditions are up or down, bad or good you know what to do next.

Written by Paul Lemberg who can be reached at http://www.lemberg.com/articles.html.
(c) 2001, Lemberg & Company, Inc. and Paul Lemberg

This is a great summarization of some year end (and beginning of the year) items to focus on for your business.

Take time this week to ask yourself the questions posed in this article. Are you inspired to do a complete vision check-up?

Schedule 2 hours on your calendar this week to begin this process.

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October 12, 2001
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