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October 3, 2003

October 3, 2003

"If we did the things we are capable of, we would ASTOUND ourselves."

-- Thomas Edison
Success is the result of steadily taking action on our most important goals. When we consistently focus our energies and our efforts upon what matters most, we can't help but be successful.

For the past few weeks, I've been using a new system for staying more focused on my most important goals and projects. It's been working really well for me and a few others I've shared it with, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I've used many different systems, forms and tools over the years, but this one has worked better than any of them. Although MS Outlook has some good planning and organization features that I use on a daily basis, I've never been satisfied with my weekly plan. I had a list of goals, projects, plans and tasks, but I seemed to have too many pieces of information in too many different places.

With the help of my mastermind teams, I came up with "My Life at
a Glance" -- one simple document with my most important information included in it. I can refer to it easily and also share it with my mastermind teams, so they're all familiar with what I'm up to.

It keeps me focused, and it keeps me accountable. From this document, I schedule my days, my tasks and my life.

You'll likely want some of the headings to be different for you. You may want to add some and delete others. For your convenience, I've created an MS Word document for you to adapt to your own needs.

It's located at http://SuccessNet.org/files/glance.doc

Get the file and customize it as you wish. Make it yours. Use some color and perhaps even some pictures. The key thing is to use it and look at it regularly.

Please don't let the simplicity of this instrument take away from the value it can provide.

Here are some of the headings I use:

My Vision for My Career (brief yet vivid description)
This Week's Goals (a simple list)
Three Most Critical Objectives to Be Completed by Friday
What Happened Last Week (what worked, what didn't)
This Month's Goals
Next Month's Goals
Decisions to Make
Investments/Purchases Under Consideration
Problems to Solve
Current Projects
Tolerations to Overcome
Habits to Acquire
Top Income Streams
Upcoming Events

As you personalize and customize this document and begin to use it regularly -- at least weekly -- you'll find yourself making consistent progress on the things that matter most. You'll find it helping you realize your goals with more ease and satisfaction.

Maybe we should call it "My SUCCESS at a Glance."

By Michael Angier who can be reached at http://SuccessNet.org.
(c) Copyright Success Networks International, Inc. and Michael Angier.
1. What tools are you using to stay focused on your most
important goals and projects?

2. Are they working for you?

3. What could you do to make your tools even more effective so that you are accomplishing your goals and projects with more ease?

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