To Live

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is neccessary.”

–Margaret Cousins

To Live

By Ivan G. Burnell

Life is always interesting because you never know! I mean really know what is around the next bend of the road. Oh yes! You can plan your “things to do”, set goals and be working toward their accomplishment, but to paraphrase a great writer, “The best laid plans of mice and men”…sometimes don’t work out! Later someone came up with Murphy’s Law that says, “If something can go wrong… it will.”

So if you have a thought, an inspiration to do something, then do it now, because you may never pass this way again. How many words of love, appreciation or encouragement have gone un-said because other things or events got in the way or you just did not want to bother them when they were busy and then shortly after, it was too late.

This happened to me. Perhaps you too have had something similar.

I was driving past a famous restaurant that was owned and operated by a client of mine. She was more than a client, she was a friend who had helped and encouraged me to develop and expand my business. On this day, I had the inspiration to stop and thank her for all she had done for me. But I looked at my watch. It was high noon, not the time to bother a busy restaurateur, so I drove past. But then I remembered something that I teach in my YES Course and that is to listen to that inner voice that we all have, and not to let your logical mind talk you out of it. So I turned around and went in to visit. On this day she was working alone in her office. I spent about fifteen minutes telling her how much I appreciated and loved her for all she had done to help me in my business. Then I left and went to my next appointment with no time to spare. Later that day when I arrived home, I learned that she had died in her office shortly after my visit.

Imagine how I would have felt if I had continued driving to my next appointment with time to spare. Would I be saying, “If only I had listened?” So my suggestion is to heed your inner voice and take the action that it directs.

This is true in business as well as your personal life. Your employees, your co-workers, your boss, all respond to appreciation. It’s not too late to send a letter of appreciation to that teacher who influenced your life, to call the friend you haven’t seen for a while, to thank the people who helped you climb the ladder of success in your career.

Ivan Burnell is the president and founder of International Personal Development and IPD Publishing. He can be reached at

Coaching Call to Action

Who is it inside your head that is talking to you? It is a friend, so listen!