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“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognize the opportunity.”

— John F. Kennedy

Thoughts for Today

by Ivan Burnell

Crisis, crisis, who has the crisis this week? Are you following the latest crisis? What do you plan to do about it? Do you remember last week’s crisis? And the one last month or last year? Were they ever solved? Did they change anything in your life? The big crisis today is “global warming”. Depending on whom you listen to, you can either do something about it, or you cannot. Either way it is going to happen. About forty years ago, we worried about a coming ice age. People were selling their homes and moving south because they were going to freeze soon. And let’s not forget the crisis of the millennium where everything would come to a halt and there would be no electricity or food or commerce. At various times in history, people who believed the world was coming to an end sold all they had and went to stand on mountain tops to await the final day. One wonders if they were going to take their money with them on that last day.

Crises sell newspapers and give radio stations great ratings. People read about it and talk about it and rarely do anything about it except worry and complain that SOMEONE should do SOMETHING! The net result is that it takes time and energy away from their own goals. Sometime ago I was having a conversation with some people about a current crisis, and they were upset with me because I was not joining them in the fear of what might happen. “What if they dropped a bomb?” they said. My response was that if they dropped a bomb, it would either kill me or it would not. If it killed me I would have nothing to worry about. If it did not kill me a lot of conditions would have changed and I would be busy figuring out how to deal with them and I would not have time to worry.

In spite of all the predictions of the world coming to an end that I have heard over the years, it has not happened yet. However, my world, or at least the world as I knew it has come to an end several times, just as I am sure it has for you. And what you do is start over. People have called me fortunate, courageous, a survivor. I am none of these. I am a fighter. When you get knocked down, wallow in it for a bit, but not too long, then get up and continue accomplishing your life’s goals. Do not waste your time on the latest crisis!

Do what you can do and ignore everything else. You will be happier and healthier and so will everyone around you!

Ivan Burnell is the president and founder of International Personal Development and IPD Publishing. He can be reached at

Coaching Call to Action

This week take note of what you can have an impact on. What will you do to start the process of change around you?