Where Else Can You Apply Your Strengths?

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“What one does is what counts and not what one had the intention of doing.”

— Pablo Picasso

Where Else Can You Apply Your Strengths?

by Nancy Birnbaum-Gerber

When we’re stuck and frustrated by lack of progress, we need to remember that, in most cases, we already have the skills and resources necessary to achieve what we desire. By reviewing our past and current accomplishments, and determining what has made us successful, we can discover how to apply those competencies to our present challenges.

One of my wonderful coaching clients is an accomplished creative professional. Like many entrepreneurs she finds herself continually resisting and procrastinating about marketing and promoting her services. She knows it’s essential to her continued development, yet she can’t muster up the ‘passion’ for it. She tends to wait until she’s motivated or in the mood — which means nothing much happens with any consistency.

I asked about her long standing ability to sustain her health and fitness during most of her adult life — no matter what difficulties come along, she always gets to the gym, eats pretty well, and maintains her weight and general well being.

She clarified that her success in this area is tied to a few essential factors:

  • Her health-related activities are ‘non-negotiables’ — whatever happens, even when she isn’t ‘in the mood’, she nearly always does what she knows is best for her health.
  • She achieves her best results when she chooses a specific set of activities, and sticks with them over the course of time.
  • She structures her environment for success — keeps healthy groceries in her home, spends time with others who also have healthy habits, etc.

We then worked on translating these skills to her marketing activities. She realized that she hasn’t been consistent at all — any excuse easily distracts her. Therefore, her first step is to make an absolute commitment to a specific amount of time every week that she’ll devote to marketing, no matter what. Next, she realized that she needs to focus on and create a specific marketing ‘workout’ — choose a few activities rather than overload herself, and do those consistently for at least 3 months in order to gauge the results. And, third, she’s exploring additional ways, along with our coaching, to create an environment that supports her efforts — books, seminars, a mastermind group, whatever activities will keep her focused. By re-framing her past successes, she’s discovering how to apply her already-proven achievement capabilities.

Copyright 2007 by Nancy Birnbaum-Gerber. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Nancy Gerber, Professional Certified Coach and President of Stepping Stones can be reached at http://www.sstones.com

Coaching Call to Action

Where in your life or work have you accomplished consistent success? What skills and resources have you used that can be applied to your current challenges?