4D Formula for Email Management

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.”

— Edward Gibbon

4D Formula for Email Management

by Alan Freitas

Besides this one, how many emails are in your inbox right now? How long have some of them been there, and how many have you opened before?

Try applying the 4D formula for email management.

  1. Do it now (if it can be done quickly).
  2. Decide when (put it on your to-do list for some future date, and save it in another folder).
  3. Delegate it (forward it on to someone else to deal with).
  4. Delete it (perhaps your first choice for most emails).

Now every time you go into your email inbox, everything in there will be new.

Copyright 2008 Alan Frietas. Alan Frietas can be reached at www.prioritymanagement.com/bti, email boston@prioritymanagement.com or by phone 781-935-9300.

Coaching Call to Action

Many of my clients are choosing this month to declutter and get on top of paper and email. Alan’s suggestion is right on. This morning I opened my e-mail with a cup of tea in hand, scanned them, quickly read the ones that looked interesting, then went on to another task. Thirty minutes later I was back rereading those emails I had just read. What a waste of time! Alan’s question – how many have you opened before? – rang very true for me. I’m committing to changing this habit today. What will you commit to so that you are managing your email?