Listen–Really Listen–To One Person for One Day

Quote of the Week

“Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery.”
— Dr. Joyce Brothers

Listen–Really Listen–To One Person for One Day

by Tony Alessandra

Choose one person you could relate to better. Commit to listening to them–not just hearing them–for one day. After each meeting, ask yourself: Did I really make an effort to go beyond superficialities? Did I observe verbal (words), vocal (intonation), and visual (body language) clues? Did I note what was not being said as well as what was said?

Once you’ve gotten into this habit of nudging yourself to listen better, extend this exercise to successive days, then to other acquaintances as well.

Listening well is a gift you can give to others. It’ll cost you nothing, but it may be invaluable to them.

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Coaching Call to Action

Avoid the temptation to interrupt and learn how to listen. Listening is just as important as speaking. Good listening draws people to you. Poor listening causes them to drift away. This week practice being a good listener. See what you learn.