Quote of the Week

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
— Sir Winston Churchill


by Kathy Frank

In business and in life, we are all held accountable for our actions. But the real key is to what level we hold our OWN selves accountable.

Below is an acronym-chain of words that shares an interpretation of what Accountability means to me.

Accept response-ability for your actions
Count on your courage and strength of character to pull you through
Call the shots as you see them
Open your heart and mind to the ideas and opinions of others
Understand your own human-ness and know that mistakes can and will happen
No blaming or excuses
Teach others to be true to their ideals
Admit when you are wrong
Be who you are
Integrity in all that you do
Listen to learn and understand that your actions speak louder than words, and
Imitation is the highest form of praise
Trust yourself
Yield to the truth of others when it is the right thing to do

What is Personal Accountability?

It is the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions (or inactions). Accountability exists at all levels, but it is important to make it a part of our everyday lives. Without daily focus on our goals, it is too easy to lose sight of them.

Many of us frequently ask “victim” questions:
Why do I have to do everything?
When are they going to provide me with more help?
Why does this always happen to me?
When is someone going to give me a break?
When are they going to fix this problem?

These questions all imply that someone else is responsible for the problem and for coming up with a solution. What ever happened to personal accountability? Today’s society is full of blame and “victim thinking”, but it doesn’t need to be part of our lives if we practice personal accountability.

This victim mentality comes as a result of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. However, that frustration also presents us with tremendous opportunities to contribute and we need to take advantage of them. John Miller, author of The Question Behind the Question, argues that we can make better choices by asking different, more personally accountable “I” questions rather than the victim-like “they” questions.

For example:
What can I do to increase my personal productivity?
How can I make a difference?
What can I do to develop myself?
What can I do to develop new skills?
What can I do to support our organization’s mission?
How can I be my best?

There is a direct link between commitment to excellence and reward. Success isn’t the result of luck or good looks. It is due to a genuine desire to learn, grow and change. We may get promotions and raises from such an attitude faithfully executed, but the greatest reward will be the personal satisfaction we feel about ourselves for taking control of our lives and asking “How can I serve others?” and “What can I do to contribute?”

This chaotic world we live in is the hand we have been dealt and it is the same for every generation. The only thing we can control is our response to it. Make it a “personally accountable” response and life will be good to you!

Kathleen Frank is the President of Augur, Inc.

Coaching Call to Action

Are you accepting responsibility for your actions? If not, what questions will you start asking that are more personally accountable?

Community Involvement

Pounce on a Project V – 2008
May 29, 2008

Last month we worked on reviewing new web pages and real estate contracts, beginning work projects and desk and e-mail clean up. We got through our projects and laughed and shared during the process. What project would you like to get on top of and accomplish this month? Come to Pounce on a Project V. Join Coach Andrea on Thursday, May 29th, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Eastern. We will join as a group by phone and declare what you want to accomplish: completing a presentation, working on your monthly newsletter, finding the top of your desk or reaching out to clients.

During the morning, the group will gather by phone a few times to check progress and get any support needed to finish with a bang. At noon, the group will celebrate their accomplishments. Who says projects have to be boring and tedious? Bring your lightness and fun and join us for the energization.

To sign up or learn more, call or e-mail Andrea by noon on Wednesday, May 28th. Feel free to share this with friends and co- workers, the more the merrier. (Cost of the program is only the cost of long distance phone calls.)

Ideas and Information

The Clutter Test

Last weekend I read Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. It provides a wonderful test for assessing whether to keep or let go of “things” in your life.

  1. “Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?
  2. Do I absolutely love it?
  3. Is it genuinely useful?

If the answer is not a resounding yes to question 1, and an equally resounding yes to either question 2 or 3, then what is it doing in your life? (Kingston, 1999, p.122).”