How Can You Create More Momentum?

Quote of the Week

“Transforming your language to reflect what you want is a powerful tool to help you shape your thoughts.”
— David McNally

How Can You Create More Momentum?

by Nancy Gerber

We all know what it’s like to be “stuck”. Whether it’s a boring job, stalled project, conflicted relationship or dilemma with no apparent solution, we’re held tight in one place and cannot see a way out. We gnaw endlessly on the same bone and wind up with the usual worn out ideas and unsatisfactory results. The frustration, worry and helplessness gremlins are constant companions. Nothing seems to help.

In most cases, it’s the way we think about these situations that keeps us immobile. We can begin shaking things loose by “re-framing” them. Think of it as experimenting with different pairs of glasses to discover if another prescription could help you see more clearly.

The clue to getting unstuck lies in paying attention to your language. Your self-talk is the key to your belief system. If your belief system is self-defeating — if you assume, expect and focus on the worst — that’s what you’ll get. Here are a half dozen “re-framing” suggestions to put you on the road to more effective and self enhancing perspectives.

  • Substitute the word “challenge” for “problem”.
  • Ask “how can I/we?” instead of assuming and saying “I/we can’t”.
  • When you fall short of a goal or expectation, evaluate the results as “valuable feedback to improve performance and stay on course” rather than labeling them “failure”.
  • Accept personal responsibility for your outcomes instead of blaming other people and situations. Ask yourself what you can do to improve.
  • Focus on gratitude and appreciation rather than criticism.
  • Cultivate curiosity instead of judgement.

Copyright 2008 by Nancy Birnbaum-Gerber. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Nancy Gerber, Professional Certified Coach and President of Stepping Stones can be reached at

Coaching Call to Action

Pick just one of these ideas and apply to just one stuck situation for the next week. Commit to being more conscious of your language and thoughts. What do you notice about yourself, others and your momentum?