Top 7 Marketing Communications Mistakes Businesses Make

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“Someone’s boring me. I think it’s me.”
— Dylan Thomas

Top 7 Marketing Communications Mistakes Businesses Make

by Claire Cunningham

Marketing communications programs work. They help businesses sell their products and services. There’s a catch, though. (Isn’t there always?) You need to do things right – like define the right audience, follow up with leads, and stick with it!

You can spend a lot of money on these programs, so getting results matters. Here are the top mistakes I see companies make when using marketing communications.

  1. KEEPING IT A SECRET This seems basic, but many business people either forget the need to get out the word or purposely avoid this step because they’re worried about the competition. The usual outcome of not telling the world about your product, service, or company is disappointing sales. Prospective buyers need to know about you and your offering before they’ll buy. It’s your job to tell them.
  2. GIVING UP TOO SOON It can take nine (9!) or more repetitions of a message before it sticks in a prospect’s brain. Don’t be alarmed if a single ad, mailer or whatever doesn’t yield a phenomenal response. Keep at it with consistency, and you’ll see results.
  3. NOT USING THE POWER OF THE MIX Repetition is good. But it can be expensive and hard to achieve if you rely on just one communications type. A mix of tactics carrying the same message to the same audience is more effective and affordable.
  4. NOT BEING BUYER-ORIENTED You know what you want to say. But do you know what your prospects want to hear? If you don’t know, then ASK! Do some simple research. Prospective buyers pay more attention to messages that speak to their needs.
  5. BEING BORING Truth is, an uninspiring presentation will get through if it’s repeated enough times. On the other hand, a fun, intriguing, interesting presentation of the same message will cut through the clutter faster. Why settle for boring?
  6. NOT MEASURING RESULTS Some business people think that results measurement isn’t possible or is too expensive. This is usually not the case. It can take ingenuity and arm-twisting, but it’s very possible to measure inquiry quantity and quality, awareness/preference, and more.
  7. NOT LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE Marketing communications programs aren’t static. They should evolve over time to maximize their ROI. Good programs have feedback loops built in — try something, look at feedback, tweak what you’re doing, and try again.

Claire Cunningham, The Marcomm Mom (TM) of Clairvoyant Communications, helps companies jumpstart their sales with increased visibility. Visit her web site and sign up for her monthly e-newsletter, Communiqué. Contact Claire at 1-763-546-0479 or 1-612-709- 6845..

Coaching Call to Action

I liked mistake #5 – Being Boring. It’s the third time I’ve read it today. I believe I am being prompted to highlight that one for all of you. If your marketing material is boring to you, it’s probably not that exciting to the people reading the message. This week look at your marketing material with an eye to making it more appealing to your audience. Think eye catching, fun, and memorable!