Opportunities vs. Obstacles

Quote of the Week

“It still holds true that man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities.”
— Eric Hoffer

Opportunities vs. Obstacles

by Kathy Frank

Recently, I was in a meeting with the CEO of a client company discussing a business issue. As he listened to me, he sat back in his chair and said: “Kathy, for someone who is always upbeat and positive you are looking at a lot of things lately as obstacles. You need to turn those obstacles into opportunities because that’s what successful people do! And, the only way to do that is to change your thinking and look to the countless possibilities surrounding each obstacle – one step at a time.” His words meant a lot to me at the time. They were that “swift kick” all of us need from time to time to move us to higher ground.

As the US Open played out recently, Tiger Woods showed all of us how, despite the obstacle of his knee injury, he focused on the opportunity that lay ahead of him – another US Open Title. He could have withdrawn due to his knee injury, but chose not to. Instead he harnessed it to focus his undivided attention on Torrey Pines golf course and his golf game. He was not competing against the field or even his playoff opponent, Rocco Mediate who was meeting his own challenges of having to qualify for the Open and trying to come back, at age 45, from years without a victory. They were both competing with themselves for the opportunity that was important to them.

There were many people in the gallery cheering for both Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate to encourage and support them in achieving their dreams. Neither failed; they gave the game their best efforts to take advantage of the opportunity they both worked so hard to achieve. It is less important where they finished than that they gave their all – a magnificent example from both of them of full commitment to attaining a goal. The important lesson we need to take away is that if we never try and just complain about the obstacles, then life and all it has to offer will pass us by.

We all need that “CEO” in our lives who believes in us and encourages us to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth, learning and creating a better life. Often we may even have to be our own CEO and give ourselves a realistic “pep talk.” So when the raindrops fall and it’s just not fun anymore, look for the rainbow that inevitably shows up after the storm, harness its beauty and magical aura. For that rainbow is really just the strength and talent within each of us to commit, to overcome, to succeed. In giving our best to what we are doing, we will restore fun and focus to our lives and turn Obstacles into Opportunities.

Kathleen Frank is the President of Augur, Inc. http://www.augurinc.com.

Coaching Call to Action

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