Quote of the Week

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
— Mark Twain


by Tony Alessandra

What is it?

Ambition is the motivation fueling the planning and strategizing of the development of a business. Entrepreneurs will face hurdles when launching and running any business. These hurdles may be overcome through ambition. An ambitious entrepreneur sees business obstacles as opportunities to grow and failures as learning experiences.

Why is it important?

Goals are key elements in the creation and success of any business. An entrepreneur must set aggressive goals in order to set his or her business apart and create a competitive edge. Ambition is the character trait that allows an entrepreneur to overlook his or her limitations and set goals that will lead to success for the company.

Most entrepreneurs are ambitious. It is the degree of the ambition that often sets one entrepreneur apart from the others. Ambition empowers the entrepreneur with the ability to realize his or her dreams of greatness. Ambition allows entrepreneurs to set goals which will allow for the conversion of these dreams into reality.

Ambitious entrepreneurs are driven to succeed and seek to expand their businesses. An entrepreneur’s ambition allows him or her to see the bigger picture. Ambitious entrepreneurs are able to stay committed to achieving their goals regardless of the obstacles.

How to get it if you don’t have it?

Entrepreneurs are often labeled as dreamers. It is the conversion of these dreams into goals that shows ambition. In order to create ambition you must begin by developing a vision of what you would like to create for yourself. Do not concern yourself with your limitations or the time and energy it will take to create your vision. Simply define your ideal circumstances. Once you have created your vision, begin to set aggressive goals. Make sure that your goals are measurable and have a fixed time when they should be completed. Make yourself accountable for your goals to a friend or loved one who is willing to help you achieve success.

How to develop it if you have it?

Meditation is a great way to develop your ambition. By taking time to envision where you want to be and to create the feelings associated with the success you wish to achieve, you will be more likely to accomplish the goals that will lead to your success. Completion of goals, both large and small, will add to your ambition levels. Practice accomplishing small goals that will build your business and begin to enlarge those goals and create an environment of success.

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Coaching Call to Action

This week use your ambition as you consider:

  1. Where can you turn obstacles into opportunities?
  2. Does your vision include your ideal circumstances?
  3. Who are you using to help keep you accountable to your vision?
  4. What are 3 small goals that you can complete this week that will move you towards building your business?