The Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Balancing The Biz With Life

President, Business and Career Transition Coaching Firm

The Questions
This client was a coach who was required to establish a mentoring relationship with a seasoned coach as part of her credentialing process. The coach also needed a sounding board for her business ideas on how to launch a successful practice. After interviewing several mentor coaches, the client knew Andrea’s thoughtful and supportive approach was essential for clarifying her business goals. Andrea asked the “big” questions that helped shape achievable goals: Are the goals realistic? What resources are needed to reach the goals? How will you measure progress towards achieving those goals?

What Would It Look Like?
The question of how to combine a newly formed coaching business while working full-time, and still have a personal life, served as a foundation for each discussion. Andrea understood when to push the client along and when to allow space for the client to ponder and contemplate her life vision. On a concrete level, Andrea’s welcome packet served as an excellent catalyst for thinking through the assumptions that would support a balanced life. The assessments and tools included in the packet, as well as the explanation of the coaching process, set the groundwork for the coaching relationship in a clear, supportive manner. Similarly, each discussion with Andrea created a space for strategically planning the marketing and administration of the new coach’s business.

Balanced Living
Andrea’s insightful, thought-provoking approach created a unique atmosphere filled with open dialogue that was balanced with accountability. Being accountable to herself gave the client permission to cultivate a deeper understanding of who she is as a person, and how her unique qualities could positively impact her coaching clients. For this client, creating a business meant building a daily life that would energize her and create space for her to work full-time while launching her business, and also reserve time for herself. As a result of her work with Andrea, the client completed her business plan, launched her coaching business, and created a much desired work-life balance. Currently this client runs a part-time business and carves out time on a weekly basis for herself. She continues to make and achieve goals, using her coaching foundation with Andrea as a way to consistently propel her toward success.

Client quote, “I’m deeply grateful for my time with Andrea. Her supportive, organzied approach to starting a business helped me stay focused on my goals in a way that was true to my values.”