Building a Coaching Business

President, Coaching Firm

Widening Vistas

Eight years ago, this coach started her coach coursework and was in need of a mentor coach. After meeting with six or seven potential mentors, the client “clicked” with Andrea, and began what would become a long-term working relationship. Although the client was ostensibly looking for a mentor to guide her through the start up of her coaching business, her focus became much broader and deeper.


One helpful insight that emerged early on in the coaching relationship was the realization that the paradigm for setting up the client’s business would ultimately affect all areas of the client’s life. For example, during a discussion about marketing options, the fact that the client had a young daughter led to a larger set of questions regarding balance in the client’s life. Andrea’s line of questioning often prompted the client to ask herself: What is the best thing to do? In the larger context of her family, Andrea often pointed to a key question: What is more important”the relationship or being right? Or, in moments where the client felt anxious, Andrea would encourage the client to think about what could be contributing to her anxiety. Each conversation moved the business agenda forward, and deepened the impact of each decision.


Now, eight years later, the client owns a thriving coaching business fueled solely by referrals and her website. This level of success was made possible by the initial set-up process that Andrea facilitated. In the beginning, the client heeded Andrea’s suggestion to give talks and seminars. Coupled with advertisements and recommendations from satisfied clients, this individual secured a piece of the coaching market. The presentations and seminars also built the client’s confidence and expanded her reach beyond what she already knew well. All these years later, the client still has Andrea review key business planning documents. Whether it’s an annual business plan update, deciding on a marketing schedule, or a website content review, Andrea remains a steadfast, important partner to this coach.

Client quote, “Andrea showed me how I could build my coaching practice while raising a family. She’s my cheerleader, my advocate, and helps me stay focused on what’s important to me.