What’s YOUR Personal Best?

“When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”

— Helen Keller

What’s YOUR Personal Best?
by Nancy Gerber

A few weeks ago, as I was getting ready to jump into the pool to do my laps, I observed an older gentleman finishing up his swim. As he emerged from the water up the ladder, it was apparent that he had almost no movement in his lower body.

What caught my attention was how fully present and in the moment he was. His focus was completely on getting himself out of the pool and to the nearby bench where he’d left his bag. He did not allow himself to be distracted. Every slow, painstaking action was well thought out, conscious and deliberate. Each movement fed into the next; no motion was wasted. It was obvious that he’d done this many times before.

I saw no signs of frustration, anger or embarrassment — even at the point where he literally had to pull himself, inch by inch, across several feet of concrete pool deck to reach his destination. His patience with and acceptance of himself and his situation was striking.

Sometimes, when I’m tempted to slide into pressure or self-criticism, when I get angry at myself for not being “perfect”, I remember this man accomplishing his personal best — one millimeter at a time.

Copyright 2008 by Nancy Birnbaum-Gerber. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Nancy Gerber, Professional Certified Coach and President of Stepping Stones can be reached at http://www.sstones.com.

Coaching Call to Action

What happens when you shift from trying to be perfect to doing your personal best right now?