New City, New Market Share

President, Life Transition Coaching Firm

Professional Generosity
Having just graduated from Coach University, this novice coach was in need of a mentor to guide him in setting up his new business. This individual had the added challenge of starting his coaching practice in a city that was new to him. This meant that he needed to create his client base from scratch. Andrea generously shared her business development expertise and a variety of coaching tools with this new coach.

Coach on Capital Hill

Upon arriving in Washington DC, this newly minted coach began to strategize with Andrea about how to carve out his share of the coaching market. At the time, baby boomers, many of whom who were involved in life transitions, comprised 38% of the population in Washington DC. This sub-group became a focus for the coach, so Andrea encouraged him to consider venues where baby boomers were already congregating. For example, one of his first seminars was held at a church where he wound up attracting a significant number of baby boomers who decided to work with him. Andrea also suggested that the coach write a column geared towards boomers over 50 who were involved in various life transitions. As business became strong, and the paperwork and scheduling challenges grew, Andrea suggested a virtual assistant solution, allowing the business to continue its growth.

Significant Presence
As a result of tremendous marketing efforts and numerous success stories from clients, this individual established himself as a prominent coach on Capital Hill. He currently runs two coaching businesses, one focusing on baby boomers, and the other tailored to individuals going through life and career transitions. This coach also has a monthly column in a local Washington DC newspaper, and continues to keep himself front and center through seminars and presentations. Simply put, this coach went from being a new arrival to the nation’s capital, to owning two thriving coaching businesses in a highly competitive environment.

Client quote, “Andrea was very generous in sharing many of her business tools with me. She taught me how to promote my coaching practice in a way that was enjoyable and true to my business goals and values.”