Figuring Out Your Life Purpose

Director of Payroll, North America, Equipment Rental Industry

Big Questions, Emerging Answers
An individual client felt that she wasn’t clear on many of the big questions in her life. Should she buy a house or rent an apartment? What state did she want to live in? What profession did she want to passionately pursue? How could she follow-up on all of the opportunities in her life without spinning her wheels?

Andrea helped this individual understand her core personal values. The value clarification process created the starting point for each of her decisions. For example, the client felt that she deeply valued family connections, so she set a goal of moving to a town where she could live closer to members of her family.

What Gets Measured Gets Done
Over the course of eight years, this client chose to work with Andrea as a sounding board, someone to help her think through her ideas and plans on a regular basis. During the partnership with Andrea, it could have been very easy to lose track of the chain of decisions and events that populated the client’s personal and professional life. Andrea showed this individual the benefit of reviewing her progress towards the end of each year, and then setting goals for the upcoming year. A mid-year check-in and amendment of her goals served as an anchor and “refresher”. Whether her monthly check-ins were by phone or in person, Andrea provided the framework for helping the client stay connected to her goals, and ultimately, to her core values. Each of these steps helped this individual honor her life choices and be accountable to herself.

A Successful Journey
The big questions in life often lead to more questions, and this client’s experience was no exception. The answers that emerged for this individual became part of a larger journey that is still unfolding. Concretely speaking, this individual did in fact earn a business degree, moved from the east coast to Arizona, married, sold her condominium, and bought a house. Each of these accomplishments emerged from carefully thought out goals based on the client’s values and aspirations. Andrea’s supportive and authentic coaching was and continues to be a bright light in the journey of this individual’s life.

Client quote, “My work with Andrea helped me understand my own personal values, and made it easier for me to move forward with some big decisions. Measuring my accomplishments was and continues to be a wonderful gift.”