Moving Forward: Career Changes

Manager, Finance Industry

Launching a Business

An individual who was ramping up to start her own adult education school needed guidance and support in prioritizing her business goals. Many entrepreneurs find there is so much work to be done that it helps to work with someone on thinking through priorities and overcoming start up challenges. Similarly, while setting up a business, some owners feel isolated, and welcome the opportunity to work with a thought partner. This client fortuitously saw Andrea on a local TV program called, “Women’s Work,” and was impressed with Andrea’s business acumen and sageful approach to life, so she sought her out.

Landscape of Change

Setting up a school meant that there was a multitude of tasks related to building and marketing the program. During each of her meetings with Andrea, the client plotted out her business goals and reported in on her progress. Through her discussions with Andrea, this individual developed a comprehensive marketing plan that successfully launched the school, and bolstered her confidence as the leader of the school. Similarly, Andrea helped this client leverage every networking event, maximizing professional referrals. She also encouraged the client to produce high quality collateral material that would connect with those individuals who could benefit from her school.

Doing “The Right Thing”

Having successfully marketed and launched her business, the client decided to change her career path twice”once within education, and then later on shifting into finance. In the midst of these career transitions, the client also earned a graduate degree, further qualifying her for more challenging jobs. Again, Andrea offered a structure for examining the drive behind the career shifts, and a process for setting the goals that underpinned the path to each position. Throughout the coaching experience, Andrea pointed to the big picture, and helped the client sort through the details on a monthly basis. From the client’s perspective, Andrea motivated her to do “the right things”. Whether it was setting up a business, transitioning into a new career, or taking stock of all that had been accomplished”Andrea kept the process grounded and focused. Each end-of-the-year summary lauded a slew of achievements, and each New Year plan connected to real-life challenges. Andrea’s perceptive and thought-provoking comments created fertile ground for this client’s growth.

Client quote, “It’s been an honor to work with Andrea. She was very generous in sharing her business experience…she made my career transition process manageable and thoughtful.”