Values Based Professional Life

Marketing Consultant, Edible Landscape Design

Uncertain Times
This individual had successfully worked for a number of years in the publishing industry, focusing on gardening. Her passion for her work and commitment to excellence were unwavering, but corporate politics and economic instability in the publishing industry created an uncertain professional future for this individual. With circulation down, and staff changes abundant, this successful executive felt she needed a plan for her career and life. She sought out Andrea to help her determine the next phase of her life, including her career choice.

Socratic Method
The individual was introduced to Andrea through a mutual acquaintance, and she felt an immediate connection to Andrea and her method of communication. Namely, Andrea asked a series of questions related to a specific area of concern or interest. From the client’s perspective, each layer of questions and answers created and fine-tuned her understanding of the interpersonal dynamics at her publishing company. Andrea’s supportive and informative lines of questioning encouraged the client to reflect on the idea that her work environment was not promoting her own professional development. Similarly, the multiple, open-ended demands of the workplace were preventing the client from living a balanced and full life. Andrea’s own experience in orchestrating a reasonable and balanced model for her coaching business served as a reference point throughout the coaching relationship.

Creative Integration
Ultimately, the question that acted as a catalyst for discussing the magnitude of change in the client’s life was: What would she need to know in order to feel comfortable leaving her current job? She was attached to her job, to the products she managed, and to the relative security of the corporate world. She felt proud of the high quality publications she helped produce. In short, this client’s long-term commitment to the company and its publications were a part of her identity. By working with Andrea as a thought partner, this individual was able to see clearly that her working environment was unhealthy and did not promote her overall development. Armed with insight and confidence, this client left the company to pursue a career in gardening, offering lectures and developing educational programs for kids. Additionally, she also works with lawn and garden companies on their marketing materials. Through the coaching process, this client created a balanced life in which she integrated her love of gardening with her desire to share her knowledge and connect with individuals in the community and in the business world. By setting appropriate boundaries between her professional and work activities and allocating time for self-care, this client gave herself the gift of insight and planning based on self-knowledge rather than fear or fatigue. For someone for whom career choices figures prominently in her life, the ability to slow down and think through her next steps has been invaluable.

Client quote, “Andrea’s thoughtful approach helped me see for myself that my job wasn’t supporting my overall professional and personal development. Working with Andrea really helped me make some tough decisions that ultimately moved me forward.”