Do You Need A Thought Partner?

CEO, Direct Marketing Industry

Untapped Potential
The owner and CEO of a successful marketing company felt he wasn’t living up to his potential, and needed to think more strategically about the growth of his business. A thinking partner would not only help him prioritize and set goals for himself and his business, but also provide a fresh perspective on his decision-making process.

Priorities and Accountability
The coaching process featured activities geared towards empowering the owner to effectively and efficiently work through his current work assignments, while at the same time keeping an eye on the “big picture”. Each task or project was mapped out in terms of priority and value to the organization. Simply put, Andrea helped the owner figure out how to work on what was most important to the success of his company, and provided him with the opportunity to be accountable for his goals.

Personal Growth
Personal growth was another dimension of Andrea’s work with the CEO, as was defining what success meant for him. Rather than all or nothing, the term “success” was defined in terms of gradations. For example, exercising three times per week rather than five days wasn’t a failure, but a relative success. In terms of self-care, Andrea helped the CEO understand his need for adventure, and that integrating a trip to an extordinary part of the country was an important part of his life. It can be easy to become enmeshed in the frenzy of work, but getting clients to take time for important personal goals can help them recharge. In short, Andrea’s approach to working with clients includes working with the “whole” person, which in this case meant helping this client support his non-business side.

Measuring Success
Within the first quarter of working with Andrea, operating expenses were reduced by 10%. This significant cut in expenses resulted from looking at how and why specific projects or activities were implemented on a daily basis, thus eliminating activities that didn’t map out to the company’s priorities. This approach supported current operations with greater efficiency, and formalized a platform for future growth of the company. Andrea also helped evaluate the owner’s performance against other successful CEOs, providing a powerful accountability tool for supporting his growth as an executive.

Client quote, “Andrea strikes a good balance between being personable and professional, and has helped me gain self-awareness and develop personal accountability. She has guided me along a path of self-discovery and growth that was somewhat unexpected, but nonetheless valuable to both my business and personal life.”