Partnerships for Success

President, Organizational Development Firm

To Sell or Grow?

If this client opted for growth, then it was imperative that she engage in a critical thought process that included researching ways to expand the company while also adding value in support of a potential future sale. Andrea’s business acumen, excellent listening skills, and integrity were key factors in guiding this business owner’s decision-making process during this time of change.

Andrea, through her quality network, introduced this client to a top-notch Stanford MBA who had a strong record of accomplishment in helping companies buy and/or sell their business.  This expert became the catalyst in helping this business owner (1) analyze her business from both a financial and people perspective, and (2) decide whether growth was the answer.

Growing the Business

After much reflection, data gathering, positive coaching from Andrea, and consultation with her Board of Advisors, the decision became clear to this entrepreneurial business owner to grow the business!

The business owner developed and regularly reviewed her yearly business plans with Andrea and her Board of Advisors.  As the owner’s time became increasingly filled with activities related to pursuing growth opportunities for the business, she invited Andrea to coach and mentor other staff members in order to maximize the impact of added personnel and minimize energy draining redundancies in workflow. After the infrastructure’s growth period peaked, the business owner continued to work with Andrea on the complex challenges facing her as the president of a rapidly expanding entity.

Ongoing Prosperity

While working with Andrea, the business owner grew her company from one to ten employees and consultants. This critical mass of talent enabled the owner to meet the criteria required by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) for certification as a women-owned business. Some of the decisive factors that contributed to WBENC certification were strong financials (>$1 million), and a functional board of advisors. After nine months of working towards certification, the owner achieved WBENC status, which has opened the door to significant business opportunities. The business continues to grow and thrive, and Andrea remains a steadfast thought partner and advisor to the owner.

Client quote, “My work with Andrea created new decision points within my business that promoted the growth and prosperity of my company.