Let It Be

Quote of the Week

“If you can attain repose and calm, believe that you have seized happiness.”
– Julie-Jeanne-Eleanore de Lespinasse

Let It Be

by Kathleen Frank

Recently I was working on a “last-minute” project and needed a reference from a specific book to help me wrap it up. I placed a call to the local bookstore and was told they had one copy in stock. I jumped into my car and rushed over to “pick it up.”

When I went to retrieve the book, it was not there. Needless to say, my impatience immediately kicked in and I became very frustrated. I then queried the customer service rep as to whether the book could have been misplaced or sold in the short 15 minutes since I had called the store. He indicated the computer still showed one copy in stock. Together we looked for that book up and down the store aisles, but our efforts proved fruitless. It was one of those moments when you just want to scream. I kept my anger in check and became even more frustrated — @#$@%!!!

It was at that moment that the soft music of The Beatles’ song, “Let It Be“, playing in the background caught my attention. The lyrics and the tune had an immediate calming effect and I began to relax. I remember thinking: “Maybe that book just wasn’t meant to be. It’s only a book – albeit a special one – but, in reality, there are always alternatives.”

I then went to the checkout counter with my alternative book where, ironically, I met the person who had recommended the book to me in the first place. We started talking and I explained my plight. She then looked at me with a smile and said: “I am the culprit who took your book. I have it here in my cart. Whenever I am in a bookstore and they have a copy of it, I always buy it to share with a friend. Today, ‘my friend’, it is clearly meant to be YOURS.” She then handed me the book and said, “Take it and enjoy it with my compliments.”

The moral of this story: Life is full of alternatives. Sometimes we get so focused on “one” issue that it wears us down and we can easily lose sight of the big picture. If we stop and just look, there will almost always be quality alternatives and people who can help. In those situations, just relax and “Let It Be“.

Kathleen Frank is the President  of Augur, Inc. http://www.augurinc.com.

Coaching Call to Action

“Let It Be” is a great tool to use in many circumstances. When we are trying too hard, the creative juices dry up. Better to step away, breathe, relax and come back at a later time when we’ve had a chance to cool down, regroup, and gain perspective. Especially during our current times, we may need to “let it be” more often.