When I Grow Up I Want to Be. . .

Quote of the Week

“Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.”
Friedrich von Schiller

When I Grow Up I Want to Be…

by Lior Arussy

“When you were a child, what was your dream profession? What did you want to be when you grew up? The list of popular dream professions is long and diverse, including doctor, astronaut, police officer, scientist, rock star, actor, fireman, clergy, teacher, nurse, artist, lawyer, paramedic, dancer, athlete. . . the list goes on.

It’s interesting to note the common denominators of these desirable professions. Each offers an opportunity to touch people in a meaningful way. They are all about a wish to accomplish something far above average. Of course we want to live a meaningful life! As children we dream about ways to make a difference, to help others, and to express ourselves. Rather than passive roles, we are drawn to professions that reflect our hopes of becoming dynamic individuals making important, lasting contributions to society and the world. We don’t want to be dependent, always on the receiving end. We want to be proactive, on the giving end. This giving may involve helping people in need or exciting and inspiring those around us through our personal accomplishments. In either case, we aspire to create admirable performance. We want to express our capacity for excellence. This giving, whether through assisting others or achieving breakthroughs, is the highest symbol of excellence in our innocent eyes (Arussy, 2008, p.109-110).”

From: Arussy, L., (2008). Excellence every day: make the daily choice – inspire your employees and amaze your customers. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc.

Reprinted with permission from the OSU Leadership Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, (614) 292-3114, http://leadershipcenter.osu.edu.

Coaching Call to Action

What was your childhood dream about your adult profession? Have you achieved it? If not, what aspect of this dream can you resurrect? Are their aspects of this dream that you can bring to your job this week?