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“If no one ever took risks, Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor.”
Neil Simon


by Steve Straus

New research on the topic of risk has surfaced some intriguing insights, namely that we have risk and control intertwined.

If you feel in control of a situation, you will take on a greater amount of risk than if you feel you are not in control.

For instance, consider a skydiver. He or she clearly assumes a level of risk by jumping out of an airplane. That risk to life-and-limb is much greater than they have as a passenger in a modern commercial airliner in regular service, but they may be terrified to fly!

The difference? In the skydiving activity they are (or at least believe they are) in full control of their destiny. As a passenger in the airliner they have given up all control to a stranger in the cockpit.

Another example — an entrepreneur may have a higher risk of financial security than a corporate employee, but having greater personal control of their destiny may trump the “safety” of the corporate job.

When you notice potential risk also notice possible control. Having a greater sense of control may let you take on much greater risk.

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Coaching Call to Action

What will you do to feel in control of your destiny? Does it feel risky?