Top 12 Ways You Can Over-Deliver Value to Your Clients

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“Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.”
Og Mandino

Top 12 Ways You Can Over-Deliver Value to Your Clients

by Kevin Lawrence

In our business, we’re often asked the question: “How can I over-deliver and, thereby, ensure high levels of customer retention and referrals?” Here’s our answer, in the form of a “Top 12 Ways You Can Over-Deliver Value To Your Clients” list:

  1. Give your customers proposals based on their needs, not your personal preferences. Sounds simple, but most businesses try pushing things on people instead of offering them the customized solutions they want.
  2. Finish the project early and beat the deadline.
  3. Add in some unexpected “extras.” One of our clients gives each customer a little piece of candy or chocolate with every invoice or business proposal – a very nice touch. Small gestures like this often have a huge impact. And, of course, it’s so easy.
  4. Always remember people on important days. Holidays are great, but everyone’s up on them. Remember birthdays and anniversaries, as well. It will be appreciated.
  5. Spoil your customers, just because. It feels so good to be treated like royalty. You may even consider having a “Customer of the Month” program: Every month, do something extraordinarily special for one valued client.
  6. Invoice clients for less than estimated. Ever had your car serviced for less than you expected?
  7. Follow up. Make yourself indispensable even after a deal is done. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised and, who knows, they may even have some more business for you that wasn’t expected.
  8. Celebrate with your clients. Send flowers or champagne when they win the big contract or achieve any other significant accomplishment. Let them know you care.
  9. Use your network for your clients’ benefit. One of the most valuable “extras” is to provide clients with the name of a great accountant, lawyer, chiropractor, or designer from your rolodex full of contacts. As your team of resources grows, use their combined talents and strengths to make appropriate referrals and put people in contact with each other. It’s a huge extra that costs you nothing. Note: Be careful to only refer good sources. If someone you recommend “messes up,” people will remember who recommended them.
  10. Ask your clients what else they need. Routinely, ask them how you could go further, provide better service, and be more useful to them. They will almost always be delighted that you asked. More importantly, their answers should provide valuable information, and their requests will generally cost you little or nothing to deliver. Your efforts will be appreciated.
  11. Say “Thanks!”
  12. Finally, remember that, in order to overdeliver you need to undersell. If you make a promise and fail to keep it, your customers will be very disappointed, perhaps even to the point where they leak out of your business’ barrel. Undersell, and then give yourself room to EASILY impress and WOW your clientele.


Always remember, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Kevin Lawrence, Gazelles Certified Coach & President. Copyright 2005-2009, SGI Synergy Group Inc. & Kevin Lawrence.

Coaching Call to Action

I once had a client who told me, “You know, other than my mother and husband, you are the only one who remembers my anniversary!” I agree with Kevin, it’s the little things in life that can make a big difference in how we are viewed. This week, as you are doing great work with and for your clients, commit to over-delivering value. Choose one of Kevin’s ideas or your own. I’m imagining it’s going to have an impact on your client and you.