Proven Strategies from Market You Must

Quote of the Week

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”
~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Proven Strategies from Market You Must

by Phyllis Sisenwine

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

The true secret to growing a successful business is building relationships. You add people to your community with every relationship you develop. Become the host of your community. Just like the host of a party, be sure that your guests are engaged and involved.

When collecting quotes for my book there was a recurring theme, the importance of relationships. The relationship-building strategies discussed: listening, adding value, following-up, will all lead to the outcome you desire – to get to the top of your game.

Coach’s Action Step: Think about the concept of becoming the host of your community; create new relationships and nurture them. Choose any action step in this book. Each one will help you build your community.

Know Yourself

People have different personalities. Some of us enjoy meeting new people and networking; others would rather go to the dentist. There are different ways to market and grow your business. Try new things, but if they aren’t comfortable, try a different option. Know what works for you and leverage it in your marketing plan.

Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, leverage your talents. You’ll achieve your greatest results if you use your natural gifts.

Coach’s Action Step: What are your natural strengths? Ask three to four people to give you their perspective. You’ll gain insight by seeing yourself as others see you.

Find a Mentor

People don’t make it to the top alone. Everyone has help along the way. You can shorten your learning curve by getting advice from someone with more experience. Most successful people are happy to share their wisdom.

If your place of business doesn’t have a mentoring program, seek out people you admire. Look for someone you trust to be your advisor and guide.

Mentors can be found in many places: your firm, your community, your teachers and people you’ve worked with in the past. The best mentor is also a great role model.

Coach’s Action Step: Reach out to someone you admire and respect and ask him to meet with you. If you feel a connection, ask if he’d be willing to be your mentor.

Have a Plan

Choose a measurable goal that you would like to accomplish.Do you want more clients? More time off? More income? The first step to achieving your goal is to create a plan.

A good plan includes action steps and deadlines. Make it realistic and estimate the time each step will take. Account for resources you need and build a reserve of time.

Whether your goal is five new clients or five million dollars in five years, if you have a plan, you’re far more likely to achieve it.

Coach’s Action Step: Choose one goal and create an action plan with deadlines. Break tasks into achievable steps and get going!

Always Carry Business Cards

Keep a good supply of business cards available at all times; in your wallet, your briefcase, your glove compartment. The person who asks for your card could become your best client.

Think of your card as a marketing tool. Ensure the information is complete and up to date.

Consider it a mini-brochure and make it memorable. Business cards are your calling card; they represent you as a professional.

Coach’s Action Step: Carry cards you’re proud of, and don’t hesitate to offer them to people you meet.

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. Phyllis Sisenwine, Master Certified Coach, can be reached at Author of Market You Must…for Lawyers.

Coaching Call to Action

Phyllis has outlined 5 steps you could take this week.  As a business owner, you can set goals and make commitments to yourself.  Unless you share the goals with others, know one but you will know if you accomplished your goals or you didn’t. There is no accountability other than to yourself.  This week, commit to at least one of Phyllis’s action steps and tell someone about it.  If you really want to stretch yourself, commit to all 5, tell someone, and set up a reward for accomplishing them!