You Are NOT Your Business

Quote of the Week

Dare to be yourself.
~Andre Gide

You Are NOT Your Business

by Michael Angier

Many entrepreneurs are so close to their business it’s hard to tell where their business starts and where they begin.

Their identity is very much tied up in what they do.

Other small business owners compartmentalize really well-maybe too well. They make a big distinction between personal life and business life.

For me, there’s no real difference between personal life and work life-it’s ALL life.

That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some distinctions around the time you spend, but trying to be one way in one part of your life and another way in another part of your life seems disingenuous to me.

And as the great Nido Quebein quips, “Be who you is. Because if you ain’t who you is, then you is who you ain’t.

I suggest that you are not your business. Your business or your career does not define who you are. But to a large extent, your business and your career IS you.

What you say, what you do-or don’t do-reflects on your company. Who you are being, both at work and outside of work, is a representation of your business.

Who you are being touches every other aspect of your life.

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Coaching Call to Action

This week take some time to look at who you are being both at work and outside of work.  Are they different?  What if you were to align them so that you were being the same in both places?  What will you do more of, keep the same, stop doing?