Journeys and Destinations

“I’ve come to see that I’m both traveling and arriving in every moment. My life is a journey in which I’m constantly arriving at my destination, which is here and now. And I’m also traveling onward into a future that will become here and now.”

~Tim Freke

Journeys and Destinations

By Steve Straus

“Arriving is a point on a continuum of traveling. Traveling is a process of constantly arriving.”

~Tim Freke – from his book, How Long Is Now?

There has been much written about “enjoy the journey, don’t just get caught up in making it to a destination.” Freke’s quote (and the entire book, for that matter) is a nice reminder to enjoy BOTH the journey AND the destination by seeing them as interwoven, inseparable threads. Have you learned to live in a journey through time…while maintaining an awareness of Now?

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Coaching Call To Action

First and foremost, enjoy this blessed holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones. Secondly, look back at 2010 – did you enjoy the journey and reach your goals? Thirdly, plan for 2011 using the information below.