Ha-Ha’s and Ah-Ha’s

“Laughter is inner jogging.”

~ Norman Cousins

Ha-Ha’s and Ah-Ha’s

By Steve Straus

Laughter has many benefits. One of them is that when you’re laughing you’re breaking through your mental barriers, the barriers to inspiration and creativity.

It’s easy to stay in your head and try to figure everything out, but having ha-ha’s opens you up beyond thinking and the limitations of your mind.

One ah-ha can be worth countless logical thoughts.

If you’re not having enough ah-ha’s, maybe you’re not having enough ha-ha’s either.

Coaching Point: Do you think there might be a reason why they’re spelled similarly?

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Coaching Call To Action

This week if you are experiencing writer’s block, or your team is stuck for a solution, try bringing laughter into the room and see what new ideas come forth.  Have fun!