The Perfect Consultant

“Success is really about being ready for the good opportunities that come before you. It’s not to have a detailed plan of everything that you’re going to do. You can’t plan innovation or inspiration, but you can be ready for it, and when you see it, you can jump on it.”

~ Eric Schmidt

The Perfect Consultant

By Simon Tyler

Whatever your life, career or business situation, input from a valued, experienced, knowledgeable consultant will always be welcomed.

But who is that consultant, where do they reside, how can you contact them, and would they be willing to consult on your situation?

The answers to these questions lie closer than you would think.

The potential perfect consultant to you and your circumstance is… you!


Inspiration comes from within. Insight, from within. Investigation, introspection, inklings, invention, influence, incentive, and most pertinently, intuition, all from within.

Warning – a consultant who is negative, asks poor questions, or simply spouts opinions is soon ignored and their advice given little or no consideration. If this is your current version of personal consulting then it is no wonder you find yourself unfulfilled, searching the world for better, more accurate and reliable advice.

The Perfect Consultant (you) may well require some skill evolution. Here’s one upgrade idea that will have incredible impact on the consultant’s performance:

Upgrade the consultant’s question

Many of our self-posed questions begin with “Why…”. This provokes a “…because…” response, and rarely leads to new or creative input. Stop whying!

Actively begin your self-posed questions with “What…” or “How could…”. These questions create space for your brain to source its own answers (i.e. inspirationally, intuitively – from within).

For example, after any encounter, event or situation that went well or badly, ask:

  • “What could this teach me?”
  • “What do I want to do with this outcome?”
  • “How could I use this event to help me?”

Ask the questions and allow the ‘in-consultant’ to respond. For best effect, make notes of his or her suggestions and review later.

Good luck and keep it simple.

Simon Tyler is one of the world’s leading business coaches. His work simplifies the lives of business leaders and owners. He is an incisive consultant, inspirational writer, provocative public speaker and master facilitator. To learn more about Simon, visit

Coaching Call To Action

What will you do this week to develop your inner guidance? I am reading the book The Art of Intuition: Cultivating your Inner Wisdom by Sophy Burnham.  She gives exercises and step-by-step instructions to guide you to develop your own intuitive powers.