An Invisible, But Powerful, Force

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”

~ Helen Keller

An Invisible, But Powerful, Force

By Kathy Frank

Last year I was watching the final round of the British Open being played at Royal St. George’s Golf Club. The club sits on the southeast coast of England near the cliffs of Dover. That day the wind was howling off the English Channel at about 30mph. One of the commentators said that the wind was an invisible, but powerful, force that would have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the golf tournament that day.

The phrase about an invisible, but powerful, force stuck in my mind as I began thinking about the many such forces that we encounter in our lives every day. At least with the wind, while we may not see it, we can feel it through the broad sense of touch. How do we sense, read or interpret the invisible, but powerful, forces that pummel us each day of our lives?

Each of us is constantly thinking … sometimes consciously and, frequently, subconsciously. These thoughts are invisible to others until we express them or act on them; but they certainly have powerful influence on our lives and often on the lives of others. Even then, our ability to capture and accurately articulate our thoughts is not always on point. When we express our thoughts through our actions, it may be an even murkier message for our fellow human beings to understand and interpret.

So too, the spoken word is invisible but can exert great power as the expression of our thoughts about ideas, events or people. In the complex make-up of human beings, there are many other powerful, but invisible, forces such as emotions, motivations, biases and viewpoints which we may not even be conscious of because they have been ingrained in us since childhood and have become part of our “unexamined life.”

Just as the golfers had to read the invisible, but powerful wind and adjust their play to it in order to succeed in the tournament, so too must we read the many invisible, but powerful, forces that come at us daily to succeed in our human relationships. This is the challenge of human communication and understanding! It is the thrill we get from great literature or even good books which, in communicating a story, give us some insight into, and understanding of, human thoughts and emotions.

And we should not always externalize this process. At times, we should turn it inward to examine and understand our own thoughts, emotions, motivations, biases and viewpoints. This will help us to better understand who we are and what we truly want and need for happiness and fulfillment. It will also enable us to communicate better and thus lead richer, fuller lives. May we all become better readers of the human winds!

Excerpted from “Breakdancing On A Balance Beam” Authored by Kathy Frank | Copyright © Angur Inc. 2012. Kathleen Frank is the President of Augur, Inc.

Coaching Call To Action

This week consider where you are being an invisible, but powerful, force.  Is it helping you create and foster successful relationships and communications?  If not, what changes will you make?