Everyday Courage – How to Find It in an Instant

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

~ James Neil Hollingworth

Everyday Courage – How to Find It in an Instant

By Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch

Somewhere – right now – someone is thinking one of the following:

How am I going to meet this sales number?

I need to address this issue, but I have no idea how to bring it up.

I have to change some work habits, but it’s going to be difficult to start a new routine.

This project isn’t going to complete itself – where will I find the time to get it done?

Courage is our ability to face our fears, concerns and worries.  There are moments in each of our lives when we need a healthy dose of everyday courage to address a goal or overcome an issue. The next time you feel overwhelmed by unproductive emotions, try these tips to help you find the courage you need to take action:

  • Be honest with how you feel, especially when it is fear.  Courageous people certainly feel fear, but they aren’t paralyzed by it.
  • Hold yourself accountable to your feelings.  Don’t shrug off your concerns and live in denial.
  • Take action.  Small steps, over time, produce profound results.

We all need courage to lead the life that is consistent with our goals.

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Coaching Call To Action

Where are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your work?  Take a minute to sit back in your chair, close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath.  Then, follow the steps above – acknowledge your feelings and identify 3 small steps you could take to move your project and yourself forward.