Become an Inspiration Broker

“Over the years I have become convinced that we learn best – and change – from hearing stories that strike a chord within us … Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories risk failure for their companies and for themselves.”

~ John Kotter

Become an Inspiration Broker

By Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch

In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of executing our roles, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason we do what we do.  We get distracted by information, slides, facts and figures, features, regulations, etc., and forget where we are headed and why.

As a leader you define a vision.  You must then inspire people to act in ways that may, at first, seem unfamiliar or unnatural to them on the journey to that vision.  To motivate, reconnect people to their mission, purpose and passion.  You motivate through emotion, not analysis.  You touch the heart, not with PowerPoint slides, facts and figures, but with stories.

So, start telling stories. Too often, leaders act as information brokers.  We take in information; we process, translate, add to and subtract from that information. Then, we put that information on a slide and disseminate it.  Boring!

Tell a story and give people a reason to care. Let people cast themselves into the plot.  Use stories to celebrate and illustrate heroes, hope, struggle, accomplishment and perseverance.

You don’t need to tell stories of Herculean accomplishments.  A regular story told at the right time can be just as effective.  And, remember to be yourself.  People respond to authenticity.  Tell stories of overcoming challenges, lessons learned or how you came up short.  What motivates you probably motivates those around you.

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