Why Me?

“Don’t fear change – embrace it.”

~ Anthony J. D’Angelo 

Why Me?

By Steve Straus

“Why me?”

Coaching Point:  Wait just a minute! ‘Why me?’ is a Great Question? Isn’t it the plea of every whiny, it’s- not-my-fault, victim? How, then, can this be a Great Question?

Simple. Because everyone, when nobody’s looking, every once in a while, slips up and says it to him or herself. It’s completely normal and no matter how advanced and aware you are it can sneak out.

‘Why me?’ is a Great Question, not because of the question, but because of the answer.

Always and forever the answer to ‘Why me?’ is….’Me.’  “I’m the reason this happened.” “I’m at cause in my life.” “Somehow — and I may not see this right away — I am directly involved in causing this outcome.”

It’s called living life from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Living according to your values, desires, contributions, growth, and awareness rather than feeling that you are at the whim of what the outside has in store for you.

So when you hear yourself utter the lament ‘Why me?’ immediately assume the answer is ‘Me,’ look for what needs to change, then get on with your life. Simple.

By the way, when you adopt this viewpoint you’ll find your journey is easier, freer, and a lot more fun.

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