10 Ways To Impair Your Concentration

“The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.”

~ Haruki Murakami

10 Ways To Impair Your Concentration

By Simon Tyler

In observing and discussing a client’s way of working this week I uncovered again the most recurring ways concentration gets blocked. I’ve also noticed that the busier a client gets the more prone they are to these impairments, when the demands they place on themselves goes up.

How many from this list have sneaked into your working week?

  1. Becoming absorbed in games on your iPhone.
  2. Turning music on in all gaps.
  3. Accepting back to back (or even overlapping) meetings.
  4. Doing two (or more) things at once, writing an email, building a presentation, listening to a conference call on the deluded idea that you are actually achieving more.
  5. Take reading material or your email device with you to the loo.
  6. Working in cluttered/annoying environments.
  7. Forcing acceleration in your own thinking (think, think, faster, faster).
  8. Allowing distractions to take you away from ‘the focused task’.
  9. Insufficient food and water (thirst and hunger takes the brain’s power off the task).
  10. Forgetting to take slow deep breaths (operating on shallow breathing for long periods).

Just noticing these can often be enough to re-engage the “me-at-my-best” patrol. Consider printing out this list to remind yourself again and make the conscious and deliberated decision to act in a more empowered way. Eliminating the impairments one at a time will deliver exponential boosts to your concentration.

The simple truth about concentration is that less is more, focusing on one item and allowing the gaps to be the gaps can unleash your whole brain, and often reduce stress too.

Good luck and keep it simple (and if you have more concentration limiters to add to this list I’d be delighted to read them).

Simon Tyler is one of the world’s leading business coaches. His work simplifies the lives of business leaders and owners. He is an incisive consultant, inspirational writer, provocative public speaker and master facilitator. To learn more about Simon, visit http://simontyler.com.

Coaching Call To Action

I love how Simon always takes the issues that are staring us right in the face and gives great suggestions for making changes. Will you join me on the journey to increase concentration? This week I’m going to focus on 4 and 10. What change will you commit to this week to build your concentration? Share with us below.