Insights Into Working with Introverts and Extroverts

“Communities that include everyone become stronger and everyone wins.”

~ Jane Imbody

Insights Into Working with Introverts and Extroverts

By Jill Geisler

Introverts are more likely than extroverts to be good listeners.
Introverts may not be the first to speak in a group. So what?
Introverts can get weary in meetings that wander.
Introverts appreciate a heads-up.
Introverts may be less inclined to work a room.
Introverts might not be the first to come knocking at your door.
Introverts can surprise you.

Extroverts are often the first to speak at a meeting and may say more than others.
Extroverts are often comfortable speaking before a group.
Extroverts talk well enough, but don’t always listen well.
Extroverts are good at working a room.
Extroverts believe that talking things out is important.
Extroverts can surprise you (p.133-140).

From: Geisler, J. (2012). Work happy: what great bosses know. New York: Center Street.

Reprinted with permission from the OSU Leadership Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, (614) 292-3114,



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