No One Cares About Your Product or Service Except You

When you’re working towards making a sale, how do you describe your product? Focusing on benefits and results is a great strategy. Let’s take it a step further… For an exceptionally effective way to describe the results of your product and make a better connection with your prospect, read below.

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” – Plato

No One Cares About Your Product or Service Except You

By Art Sobczak

I received an email from a sales rep who said,

“It’s tough for us to prospect and sell by phone. We’re a bit different than most other organizations. We sell an intangible: advertising, People can’t actually touch or feel our product. It’s much more difficult to sell.”

In all fairness to these people, yes, they and others who sell intangibles…insurance, investments, service contracts, software and other services are at a slight disadvantage in that they don’t have a physical piece of equipment they can send to the buyer.

Oh, I also regularly hear from people saying,

“It’s tough for us to prospect and sell by phone. We sell a physical product. We need to be there face to face to show and demo it.”

I can empathize with these folks as well.

However, I don’t fundamentally agree with either group.

In fact, when anyone puts too much emphasis on the product or service they sell–“the thing” as I refer to it–that’s when they get into trouble and actually create resistance and objections.

When you reduce sales to the most fundamental level, everyone is selling the same thing: the results of what your product or service/intangible will do for the buyer. Selling an intangible should be the same as selling a physical product.

And it’s usually the sales reps selling products who rely too much on the product itself, and don’t sell what people really want to buy: what they get from the product.

As I have mentioned numerous times over the past 32 years, you’re not selling benefits; you’re selling results.

People are buying the anticipation of the good feeling they experience from that new computer that screams through programs in less than half the time as their old dinosaur machine that would force them to twiddle their thumbs and whistle as it lumbered through its gyrations.

When I had a lake house and was shopping for a 4-wheel ATV, I asked the sales rep what it was like riding on the sand. He said, “It’s a lot of fun.”

Technically correct, but not emotional.

After I got one, I could tell you that when you open up that throttle on the sand dunes and race around steeply-banked S curves in an almost sideways position, your heart beats so hard and quickly you can see it through your shirt.

Create Your Own Emotional Descriptions

Here’s an Action Step for you to take: Sit down with fellow reps and have a brainstorming session where you discuss what people experience as a result of buying from you.

Talk in terms of their emotions.

Then come up with analogies and descriptive words, terms, and phrases that help listeners to actually live the experience before they buy from you. Get all the senses involved.

Can they see, feel, touch, taste, or hear the results? If so, how?

Put yourself in the position of the person experiencing the results and create images that are as emotion-evoking as possible.

Associate the emotions with ones you know they have experienced before.

By the way, don’t talk about buying from you; focus on them using your product or service.

Nothing beats actually demonstrating a product or service so that prospects can experience the results first hand. In absence of that, however, you can get close by creating those emotions with your words.

Focus on the great feelings they want and expect, and you’ll sell more every time.


Now that you have created your own emotional descriptions, how will you test them out? On your website, your elevator speech? Take a minute to share your new description below with other Tip readers.

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