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Andrea Novakowski, MBA, is an executive coach who has helped clients align professional goals with personal values since 1997.  She guides CEOs, industry leaders, and business owners from strategic vision to measurable action plans, and works with high-potential employees who want to optimize their careers. By tapping into Andrea’s knowledge, tools and skill set, her clients are able to blend career development with personal growth to reach higher productivity and deeper levels of job and personal satisfaction.

Andrea’s Background

Andrea brings 20 years of experience to her coaching business, both as a corporate executive and a co-owner of a profitable company. She co-developed and grew a highly successful employee benefit consulting firm that was acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA). Her responsibilities included managing the P&L, strategic planning, sales, client service, marketing, and the hiring, training, and management of staff. At BCBSMA she was part of the executive team that opened a new distribution channel by establishing a dedicated broker sales organization. She developed excellent working relationships with top-level division heads in marketing, product development, service, finance, and underwriting.

Passion Is the Key to Coaching
“I’m thrilled to share my expertise, business experience, and passion with clients and help them proceed with confidence to the next level. I am honored to be part of each client’s journey, to guide, encourage and support them as they turn their goals and dreams into reality.”

Public Speaking & Seminars

Whether it is a one-hour workshop or an all-day seminar, Andrea inspires audiences with her knowledge, energy and passion. Her background as an employee, business owner, and coach gives Andrea a unique perspective to share, which she does through stories based on her work with clients and her own life.

Her highly-interactive presentations include tips, techniques and strategies that participants can easily learn and implement in their own lives.

Click to see a list of some of the organizations where Coach Andrea has presented.
A.G. Edwards Boston Women in Finance
Environmental Protection Agency Gilbane Building Company
Broad Institute Downtown Women’s Club
Emerson Hospital Keefe Tech Continuing Education
The Marriott Hotel Milford Bank
New England Meetings Industry Conference Simmons College
Women’s Summit at Bryant University Healthcare Business Women’s Association
International Association of Administrative Professionals American Association of University Women Association
National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association
Click to see a list of presentations & workshops available.
Managing Up in a Changing Economy With our ever-changing economy and new opportunities appearing, it’s more important than ever to secure sound footing at your current job. In this program, Master Certified Coach Andrea Novakowski will share her best methodologies for tightening your grip on your current position while helping you map out a plan to prove yourself indispensable to your company.
Self Care Is More than a Weekly Manicure! Understanding your own individual requirements for self care is half the battle. What takes care of your friend may not help you at all. In this highly-interactive session with Master Certified Coach Andrea Novakowski, learn the three steps for knowing and understanding what you require to feel taken care of and on top of your game.
Discovering Your Path to Success: Defined by You! Are you taking time to live your life, your priorities and your values or are you living someone else’s? As you grow and change in life, you may need to think differently and make different choices about what fits you and what no longer serves you in work and life.
Empowering Yourself: 5 steps for gaining control over your life For those looking ways to be more successful in their life, working with a coach has become a significant professional and personal development tool. Master Certified Coach Andrea Novakowski will share insights and success stories about the impact of working with a coach. This interactive program includes Andrea’s 5 step program for reaching higher productivity and deeper levels of professional and personal satisfaction.
Balance: Possibility or Fantasy You have many different roles in your life: Business professional, board member, committee chair, wife, mother, daughter, and friend are just a few of them. Coach Andrea helps you explore whether it is possible to bring balance to all of these demanding roles or if that expectation set you up for failure.
Accomplishing Goals that Truly Matter Hiring a coach has become a significant professional and personal development tool for those looking to be more successful in their life. Master Certified Coach Andrea Novakowski will walk you through her 6-step program for identifying what’s important to you and then creating and achieving goals that fit your priorities.
Following Through: Strategies to Complete What You Start You can do all the business planning and goal setting you want but if you fail at what you intend to do, you and your business suffers. This interactive session will show you how to transform your good intentions into good results.
Being Resourceful: Using What You Have to Get to Where You Want to Be! If you are like most people, you already have more than enough resources (people, places, and things) in your life that can be used for support or help when needed. However, your ability to systematically identify these assets and use them is an important key to your success. This interactive session will provide tools to show you how to capitalize on your resources to grow your business and to achieve the results that are most important to you.

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Awards & Certifications

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Andrea earned a B.A. in Psychology from Simmons College and an M.B.A. with a specialization in Finance from Babson College. She is also a graduate of the SBANE/Babson Entrepreneurial Manager program.

Community Involvement

Andrea believes in the importance and value of giving. Building relationships between and among people is one of her core values. Over the years, she has put these beliefs into practice through her non-profit work at Babson College’s Center for Women’s Leadership, the International Coach Federation of New England where she is a Past President, and most recently at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. She encourages others to participate in her giving programs – sharing the opportunity to see what is possible through involvement.

Pounce on a Project

Andrea organizes Pounce on a Project – a monthly call to action for people to take on that special project that never seems to move to the top of the “To Do” list.

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