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Andrea is a wonderful coach. She really listens to where you are in your life and gives advice that is thoughtful, supportive and action oriented. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job at helping you wherever you are in your life and moving you to a better place.
Business Owner, Mental Health Care
Through coaching, I have a better sense of my role and where to focus my attention. Having someone I trust on my side is the greatest value.
CEO, Healthcare Services Company
My scheduled time with Andrea is actually one of the highlights of my week because she shares in my excitement over accomplishments, and helps me work through tough issues where I need a valued, but private opinion. Hiring Andrea is the best thing I’ve done to ensure the success of my business.
Owner, High Technology Consulting Business
Andrea’s coaching has been transformative. She is calm, focused, incredibly aware, insightful and very intelligent. She is strongly supportive, in a realistic way that can mean helping you face yourself and your situation truthfully. She leads you through that truth, helps you to see it and understand it and to realign yourself so you are meeting your own needs and fulfilling your own potential for happiness and satisfaction.
Marketing Director, Law Firm
I recommend Andrea for anyone who is serious about aligning their life (both personal and professional) with their core values and beliefs. Coaching with Andrea will create results, regardless of the issues being faced.
Director, Equipment Rental Company
Andrea challenged me to push past my comfort level. She helped me realize the major obstacles that got in the way of my success. She helped me get out of my own way.
Parent Coach and Educator
Andrea is an exceptional mentor coach. She held my vision when I became bogged down in details and that enabled me to refocus and ultimately achieve my goals. I cannot even begin to tell you all the goals I achieved by working with her. Through working with Andrea I am light years from when I began over 3 years ago. She is an exceptional coach and mentor.
Owner, Business and Executive Coaching Company

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