How Coaching Works

How Coaching Works

When you work with Andrea, she’ll take you through 4 coaching stages:

  1. Discovery & Awareness
  2. Goal-Setting for the Long Term
  3. Identifying Gaps
  4. Taking Action to Accomplish the Desired Result

There are a range of tools that Andrea uses, especially during the first stages of the coaching process. These tools help you arrive at key conclusions about where you want to go, what you need to do to get there and what obstacles you might experience along the way. Andrea will work with you to select the tools that best fit your needs, taking into account your specific situation and your expectations of the coaching experience.

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Getting Started

Andrea often uses the Results Accelerator™ to start the coaching process. Based on your life experiences, we examine your past work patterns, strengths, core beliefs, and obstacles you are encountering. Through key creative exercises, you identify your core values, behaviors that are positive and negative, and areas of your work that you are most excited about. Andrea is one of only 19 Results System Certified Practitioners who use the Results Accelerator in her coaching business!

Moving into Action

There is no right or wrong approach to how you begin your coaching program. It is a simply a question of style and preference. When you get to the fourth stage, ” Take Action,” you will focus on setting short-term goals, removing the obstacles you have identified, and moving yourself forward.

Specialized Services

Click on one of these specialized services to see how coaching with Andrea can help you:

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