Is Coaching Right for Me?

Why Coaching?

Many people in a variety of situations benefit from Executive Coaching. They seek help with small-business entrepreneurship, forging and maintaining business partnerships, deriving the full benefit from a job promotion, and even balancing their career with parenthood.

Is Coaching for You?

We all can and do learn “the hard way,” figuring things out as we go. But it doesn’t have to be so hard when you have an experienced and highly-trained Executive Coach in your corner! If you find yourself at any type of intersection in your career and your life where you need to make decisions or adjust to recent changes, Andrea can help you navigate the shifts you are experiencing. Instead of fighting the experience, you can engage with it, learn from it, and come out in a better position than you would on your own.

Some Common Reasons People Seek Andrea’s Coaching Services:

Starting & Leading a Business

Owning a business can leave you feeling isolated. You may find yourself making types of decisions you’ve never faced before. A coach can be an objective third party – someone to act as a sounding board and adviser, helping to think through solutions to major challenges, resolve turmoil, make important business decisions, prepare exit strategies and, in general, to be the best CEO you can be!


Building Management Skills

Whether you are new to your leadership role or you’ve been managing people for years, Executive Coaching will improve your level of confidence and skills as a manager. Andrea will help you match your leadership abilities to the role you are reaching for, learn to work with a difficult boss by “managing up,” and discover new motivation techniques to help your team work better together.


Whether you are starting a new job, wanting to redirect your career, or just know that you are generally unhappy but not sure what to do about it, coaching can help you get your bearings and take serious steps in your new direction. Transition isn’t as scary when you have the support of an Executive Coach!

Building Confidence

When you take on a new job or find yourself up against particularly difficult work challenges, confidence can be your rock or your undoing. Coaching with Andrea can help you find the confidence you need in yourself and your abilities.

Looking to Advance

Take Andrea on as a “thought and action partner” to help you be strategic and intentional as you move up to the next level in your organization.

Achieving Work/Life Balance

If you ever feel like you are giving up too much of yourself at work and are ignoring other important parts of your life – family, relationships, health, and fun – it may be time to make a change. Through coaching with Andrea, find your path back to a balanced life without taking on more responsibilities, giving up the wrong things, or ending up in the wrong place.


The best way to understand the value of coaching is to experience it firsthand.

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