The Results Accelerator

The Results AcceleratorTM is a unique, internal 360-assessment designed to reveal both opportunities and barriers to your success by helping you differentiate between what you have learned and who you are. As you come to know yourself better, you are able to make better choices that are aligned with your identity, values, and best leadership style.

Using the Results SystemTM, you step past behaviors and habits that are in your way and no longer work for you. The themes, connections, and inherent learning through this process come together to create what will be the foundation for your further coaching discovery.

We decide together, early on in your coaching program, whether or not we think you would find this assessment useful. It is a coaching tool that can generate great insight, help you leverage your experiences, build self-awareness, and reveal important patterns, all of which help you make better decisions and move towards your goals more quickly.

You benefit from the Results Accelerator in many different ways. You will:

Choose the work opportunities and challenges that best fit you Avoid burnout with tools that help you to renew and recharge
Know what inspires you Envision your role model clearly
Build strategies for overcoming obstacles Step past limiting barriers
See clearly who you are Appreciate and access your true strengths
Build self-awareness Discover your motivations
Progress faster towards your goals Generate sustainable change
Redesign your work life so that it produces the results you are striving for Move into action as information “clicks” into a panoramic career overview
Achieve deeper insights Experience the repetition of success
Develop an effective system to navigate professional and personal growth Learn how to step around habits that no longer serve you

To learn more about the Results Accelerator and how to
incorporate it into your own coaching experience:

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