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What to Expect:

We will focus on what’s important to you – your priorities. Together, we will define what you want (your vision), identify the gap and determine the obstacles. From there, I will help you begin to create and implement a plan that honors your priorities and leads to your continued success.

Can we do that all in one session? No, probably not… but you’ll definitely learn something about where you are and what you want to move towards, and you’ll learn whether or not coaching can help you get there faster, more easily, and with more confidence than on your own.

By the end of our session, you should have a firm grasp of whether or not coaching is right for you! There is no obligation to continue if this is not the right time to begin coaching. But if it is the right time for you to begin coaching, you’ve already started!

Eager for more in the interim? Take a look at my Articles and peruse for posts that catch your eye, or use the categories and tags on the right sidebar to select a topic of interest.

Get the most from your coaching:

What to Change Before You Make a Change

What to Change Before You Make a Change

What do you want to make space for in your work or life? What will you stop doing in order to make room for that something new?

This Increases the Chances of You Reaching Your Goal

One of the things that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals is a lack of active accountability. Having accountability means that someone is holding your feet to the fire. Here are some ideas for how to make that happen.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

How are you doing with your goals? Are you flying through them and checking them off your list — or are you feeling stuck? If it’s the latter, this article offers a plan to help get you back on track.

Is Joy Missing from Your Work?

Is Joy Missing from Your Work?

Feel like something’s missing from your work? Read this article to discover a simple boost that will make your day more enjoyable.

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