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April 8, 2005
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  • Guest Article:
    Believing You Can
    by Will Craig
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    "If you don't have solid beliefs you cannot build a stable life. Beliefs are like the foundation of a building, and they are the foundation to build your life upon."

    -- Alfred A. Montapert

    Guest Article:
    Believing You Can
    by Will Craig

    A young man fell asleep during math class. He woke up as the bell rang, looked at the blackboard, and copied down the two problems that were there. He assumed they were the homework for the night. He went home and labored the rest of the afternoon and into the evening knowing if he didn't complete the work he would surely fail the class.

    He couldn't figure out either one but kept trying for the rest of the week. Finally, he got the answer to one and brought it to class. The teacher was absolutely stunned. The boy feared he had done too little, too late. It turned out the problem he solved was supposedly unsolvable.

    Power Commanders

    How did he do it? He was able to do what was thought to be impossible because he believed it was possible. He not only believed it was possible, he believed that if he didn't solve it he would fail the class. Had he known the problem was unsolvable he could never have done it.

    Beliefs are the commanders of our brain. When we believe something is true, we literally go into the state of its being true. Handled effectively, beliefs can be the most powerful forces for creating good in our lives.

    The Birth of Excellence

    Beliefs control our destiny. The belief we have in ourselves . . . the belief we have in our clients . . . the belief others have in us. The birth of excellence begins with the awareness that our beliefs are a choice.

    Beliefs are the compass and map that guide us to our goals. Believe you can do something -- OR -- believe you can't and you'll be right every time.

    Will Craig, MA is the President of Coach Training Alliance and can be reached at


    In the work I do with clients in The PaperRoom TM, we look at the perceptions, habits and "beliefs" they are choosing to use. The first step is to become aware that you have these particular "ways of being." The second is to determine whether these ways of being continue to serve you. The third step is to choose whether to continue to use them or open yourself up to new perceptions, habits and beliefs.

    This week, as you are going through your day, take a little time to reflect. During that time, ask yourself:

    1. What beliefs are guiding me right now?

    2. Are these beliefs serving me or do I need to adjust them?

    3. Move forward with either your current or adjusted belief.

    Have a great week as you learn and grow!


    April 28, 2005
    Spring Cleaning with Pounce on a Project

    Last month, we had people cleaning their closets and in-boxes and taking care of "slumping piles." Are you ready to tackle some Spring Cleaning? Join us in Pounce on a Project to complete the project(s) that will result in the biggest positive impact on your life or business.

    Join Coach Andrea on Thursday, April 28th, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Eastern. We will join as a group by phone and declare what you want to accomplish: write a new talk, plan your next marketing piece, "spring clean" your computer, make cold calls, organize your office or clean under your bed.

    During the morning, the group will gather by phone a few times to check progress and get any support needed to finish with a bang. At noon, the group will celebrate their accomplishments. Who says projects have to be boring and tedious? Bring your lightness and fun and join us for energization. To sign up and learn more, call or e-mail Andrea by noon on April 27th. Feel free to share with friends and co-workers, the more the merrier. (Cost of the program is only the cost of the long distance calls.)

    April 28, 2005
    Empowering Yourself at Keefe Tech Continuing Education

    Do you feel like you need to make a significant change in your business or personal life and would like some support to address these issues? Coach Andrea will provide her 5-step program for gaining control of your life. This seminar is scheduled for Thursday, April 28th, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Keefe Tech, Framingham, MA. To reserve your place, please call 508-935-0202 or go to and click on "Health & Life-Style."


    In the above Call to Action, I mentioned The PaperRoom TM. This is a unique career/life mapping process that helps you to clarify, refocus, or redesign your work goals or career path. If you would like to learn more, send me an e-mail with "The PaperRoom" in the subject line.


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    Coach Andrea
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    April 8, 2005
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