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August 8, 2003

"You will suddenly realize that the reason you never changed before was because you didn't want to."
--  Robert H. Schuller
"I am going to lose fifty pounds in two months."  "I will sell 500% more next month."  These are examples of change that are good goals to have long term, but too big for the time allotted -- and this is havoc on change!  If your goals are too big in too short of time, you will fail and become discouraged.  Then you will quit and decide change can't be accomplished.  Instead, you must have short, workable, attainable goals if you are going to see real change happen and stay. "I am going to lose five pounds a month for ten months."  We are going to sell 6% more each month this year (that would double your business each year)."  These are the size steps you need to take.  Then you will build victory after victory. 

Discipline yourself. 

Sorry, but this is where it is up to you.  At the heart of change is the ability to discipline ourselves.  I cannot lose your weight.  Your mom cannot go out and make sales calls for you.  The only real obstacle standing between your current state and your desired outcome is you! So do everything you can to get yourself motivated to change! Force yourself to get out of bed and get to work on your goals! Discipline yourself.  Choose to make the right decision. 

Reward yourself when you have made the change. 

That's right:  reward yourself.  You have worked hard and exerted a lot of self-discipline to get there!  You deserve it! 

By Chris Widener who can be reached at chris@madeforsuccess.com
I was talking to a client last week about his vision of where he wanted to be in 5 years, his picture of his preferred outcome.  In my workshop, Empowering Ourselves:  5 Steps for Gaining Control Over Your Life, we do a closed eye exercise on each person's vision.  This week, try this part of the process for your ideal day.

1.     Close your eyes and picture your ideal working day in your mind's eye.
2.     Describe it.  Let the film roll in your head.
3.     What time do you get up?
4.     Do you drive to work?  In what?
5.     Where are you?
6.     What are you doing?
7.     Do you own your own business?
8.     Do you manage a staff?
9.     Who are you working with?
10.   What about this work feels good?
11.   Who are you talking to for support?
12.   Who is paying you?
13.   How much are you getting paid?
14.   Why are they paying you instead of someone else?
15.   What is it you are most passionate about in this role?

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