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Andrea Novakowski's Coaching Tip of the Week )
  July 16, 2004 
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    A Hundred Million Miracles
    by Nancy Gerber

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    "The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air, but simply walking on this earth."

    -- Thich Nhat Hanh

    A Hundred Million Miracles
    by Nancy Gerber

    I marvel at how things work, especially those I don't understand. I'm still amazed at all the metal and luggage and humans that make sure an airplane flight gets off the ground, stays in the air, and transports us all safely (if not always precisely on time!) to our destination. TV is still a wonder -- all those signals traveling through the air, captured by satellite dishes and cables, and landing inside a big box in the middle of our homes. Movies -- especially great ones -- are an incredible tapestry. They begin with a fragile thread of an idea born in one person's imagination, are nurtured and ushered through chaos and changes and unimaginable technology until they are fully realized and preserved forever on tape or DVD as well as in our hearts and minds.

    I especially celebrate the things that aren't "supposed" to work, and somehow mysteriously do. Aerodynamically, the humble bumble bee should not be able to fly; apparently it has not yet gotten the message. Many sages predicted that peace would never come to stay in Northern Ireland. A now forgotten studio executive evaluated Fred Astaire's first screen test: "Can't act. Can't sing. Can dance a little."

    It's fascinating how we choose to "believe" in some of the things we cannot see or grasp, and yet not in others. We all take cell phones for granted, even though the microwaves our voices travel on are invisible to us. Money has become an intangible abstract concept, as we see numerals added to and debited from our accounts without ever actually holding any in our hands. We all agree to what those numbers mean, and behave accordingly. Yet there are universal concepts, mysterious and viable, that we resist and dismiss. We attract more of what we focus on. Reprogramming our thinking by using affirmations regularly, along with getting more conscious of our behavior, creates important shifts in our lives. Once we clearly define what we are reaching for, more of it naturally flows to us. We can fully own our vast personal power only when we take responsibility for every aspect of our lives. Even the most savvy among us often shrug off these "unproven" concepts.

    Many years ago, characters in the award winning musical "Flower Drum Song" reminded us that "a hundred million miracles are happening every day." Even if you can't see them, or explain them; indeed even if you brush them aside and choose not to believe in them, miracles remain a fact.

    Nancy Gerber, Professional Certified Coach and President of Stepping Stones can be reached at
    Copyright 2004 by Nancy Birmbaum-Gerber
    All rights reserved. Used with permission.


    1. What are your miracles large and small?

    2. What gets in the way of you appreciating and accepting them?

    3. What will it take for you to be aware of them and acknowledge them?

    4. How can you begin to own them?


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    July 16, 2004
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