"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

-- William James
Fact: You and your organization are only as good as the decisions you make.

So, if you want to take a look at your company or organization, if you really want to see what got you here and how to get where you want to go, you will need to take a long, hard look at your decisions.

The decisions you have made in the past have all added up to where you are right now. Bad decisions have produced bad results, mediocre decisions have produced mediocre results, and good decisions have produced good results.

No matter where you are right now, you CAN change your future. If you are in a bad spot now, that's okay, you made some bad decisions but your good decisions will change that. Just recognize what decisions got you to where you are. If you are in a good spot, that's great because you are about to make some decisions that are going to take you to an even higher level!

When it all comes down to it, it's about executive decisions: YOUR executive decisions. Let's take a look at a few areas where you can focus in and make good, clear decisions that will shape your future and the future of your organization.

Your vision. Have you decided on your vision of where the organization will go from here or have you decided that you will drift to and fro, without direction and acting as though you are lost at sea?

Fact: Your decisions about vision will determine where your organization goes.

Your leadership. What decisions have you made about your leadership? Have you decided to grow your leadership skills or remain stagnant? Have you decided to take it to another level or just coast?

Fact: Your decisions about your leadership will determine whether or not you can lead your organization to your vision.

Your priorities. Have you decided what your priorities are and those of your staff or have you decided to let everyone do what they think is important at any given time?

Fact: Your decisions about your priorities will determine whether or not you do the things you need to do to accomplish your vision.

Your staff. Have you made the decision to keep only people who demonstrate excellence, or have you decided that a mediocre staff will do? Have you decided to invest in the staff you have and get them ongoing training, or have you decided to let them "go with the flow and learn as they go?"

Fact: Your decisions about staff will determine whether or not you have the people around you who will take you to the top.

Your destiny. Have you decided to stretch your organization and grow to the next level, or have you decided to stay where you are and settle in for the long haul?

Fact: Your decision about your destiny will determine whether or not you have the attitude and the guts to get your organization to grow and make a difference.

Your finances. Have you decided to risk capital and take your business up a notch or have you decided to go into scarcity mode and protect yourself, limiting your upside? Have you decided to invest in new technologies and new people, or have you decided to stay where you are?

Fact: Your decisions about your finances will determine whether or not your organization moves on or stays put. Risk brings reward, while playing safe will get you what you have already got.

Action Point: Take some time in the coming days to look over your decisions and to see what your past decisions have produced for you. And think clearly about the decisions you can make right now that will take you to the place you want to be and where you want your organization to be!

By Chris Widener who can be reached at
What did you discover by looking at your past decisions?

Do what you need to do with those findings.

Identify the top decisions that you must make to have your organization be the way you want it to be.

Commit to when you will have those decisions made.

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June 21, 2002
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