"All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice
and to receive help from other people."
-- Alexis Carrel
When I am working with business leaders who want to take their
organizations to a new level of success -- one common requirement is to achieve a significant increase in sales.

Knowing how to increase sales revenue, without significantly affecting overhead, is a key to increasing profitability.

When you consider the best qualified business leads you get for the least marketing dollars spent, it has to be referrals. When a client, professional contact or friend recommends a prospective client to you, that prospective client often comes qualified and motivated. And there is one other point here: some of your contacts are capable of referring a large number of new clients - these are your "centers of influence."

Before considering new marketing initiatives, think about this valuable group of people who will deliver a lot of business when they are effectively nurtured and leveraged. They are your "external sales force" and as such deserve your attention.

There are several steps you can take to maximize your return:
a) Identify your Centers of Influence.
b) Make contact with them and outline your growth plans.
c) Ask for their support in terms of referring business.
d) Acknowledge them for new business as they refer it.
Most people want to help you grow and develop your business -
often they just need to be asked. Time, and the small amount of money, spent in this way is guaranteed to increase sales and lead to improved profitability.

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Put a recurring reminder in your tickler system to contact at
least one Center of Influence a week. Bring them up to date on the work you are doing and how they can help you. Ask for their support in referring business to you. Say thank you for their referrals.

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November 30, 2001
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